The Centre of Documentation and Historical Research by Gotica Toscana NPA (CDHR) preserves the memory of the passage of World War 2 in Tuscany. A special attention is given to the events which took place on the Apennines Mountains between the Futa Pass and the Giogo Pass (North of Florence) as this was the theater of large operations in September 1944 against the Gothic Line, the last German fortified line of defense in Italy.

The CDHR offers documents, textbooks, oral records and original WW2 footage to history enthusiasts, scholars and students and can also arrange battlefield tour on demand in order to give a precise explanation of the events and show original outposts. Finally, the indoor displays of the CDHR, which are the result of years of intensive research, battleground findings and collection of materials from local donors and CDHR members, give visitors the chance to get well acquainted with men, uniforms and equipment which were protagonists of the last all but forgotten part of the Italian Campaign.

Finally, since 2012 the CDRS is intended also as a meeting point for military vehicles collectors, hosting the headquarters of the Italian History & Military Veihcles club and most of all the official Italian office of Military Vehicle Preservation Association which can offer to its Italian and foreign members support, assistance and care when visiting the territory.